• I'm Allison, and I have a heart for people.

    Taking care of people and making sure people feel seen and loved is very important to me. My mom taught me to always write a thank you note when receiving a gift or a kind gesture. I believe cards and notes are important ways to reach people on their most challenging days and celebrate with them in their joys. When I’m not taking care of the people I love, you’ll find me reading the next great book.  Send recommendations my way, and don’t ask for a recommendation from me, unless you want a list.  

    I’m also the new co-owner of Postmark’d Studio. 

    I have two boys, Andrew (12) and Michael (9). They are handsome, funny, and intelligent, just like their dad. We are at a sports practice or game on nearly any given day. Basketball and baseball are some of our favorite seasons! We like to adventure together and find a sporting event wherever we go! Our favorite places to be  are fishing in Florida or in Mackey Arena cheering on the Purdue Boilermakers basketball team with Grandma Diane and Grandpa Randy.

    I’ve been married to my husband, Brian, for 18 years. We met while I was interning in Washington, D.C., and Brian was vacationing with some college friends. Brian’s best friend assured me Brian would never call me, but a few weeks later, the phone rang, and the rest, as they say, is history. Brian has worked in healthcare his entire career and graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, so he’ll be keeping us in line by running all the spreadsheets at Postmark’d Studio.

    Kate and I met through friends, but our boys already knew each other and were buddies. I convinced her to join us at our elementary school and run the Parent Teacher Organization with me. We’ve spent many years throwing Father/Daughter dances, Holiday Marts, and baking potatoes for teacher lunches. When I saw Anne sunsetting Postmark’d Studio, I hatched a plan for our next season together.  

    Brian gifted me a Postmark’d Studio subscription a few years ago for Christmas, and it has been an absolute delight to receive Anne’s carefully crafted PostBoxes each month. When she announced her retirement, I was both bummed to lose out on such an excellent experience and happy for Anne to create more space in her life for new things. It got me thinking, though, if maybe Kate and I could take it on. I floated the idea to Kate in October, and she LAUGHED AT ME, and I dropped it. But towards Christmas, I brought it up again, and the timing was right for both of us.

    My hope for Postmark’d Studio is that we can encourage people to reach out to one another more and more; that we can increase our compassion and our encouragement of one another. We intend to encourage the practice of providing each other with beautiful words and packaging them in beauty.  Anne’s work connecting people has been a noble undertaking, and we are honored to carry that mantle forward. You still may get a text or a quick call from me, but I firmly believe a letter has always been and will always be, better. 

  • I’m Kate, and I’m a paper addict.

    I’ve always been a paper person. I keep a paper calendar; I kept a paper lesson and grade book when I was an elementary school teacher. I make my kids do rough drafts of their work handwritten, I prefer a card or a letter to an email or a post, and I own more notebooks and notepads than any one person should be allowed to own. I’ve just got a thing for paper, and I’m powerless against beautiful paper. 

    I’m also the new co-owner of Postmark’d Studio.

    I have 2 kids, Will (9) and Ruby (6). They look like their dad, and all three of them (Dad included) are all smarter than me. But I'm more fun.

    Ours is a life of sports, gymnastics, robotics, and adventuring. We love exploring new cities, visiting different zoos with our friends, and hiking all the National Parks (we’ve done 5 so far!). But what we really love are our annual trips to Disney World with our Mimi and Poppy.

    I’ve been married to my husband, David, for 14 years. He is smart, honest, kind, and very handsome. I'm a real big fan. We met when we were both in college and got married pretty soon after that. He’s a computer engineer and will also be your tech support here at Postmark’d Studio.

    Allison and I met through a few friends, but our boys already knew each other and were buddies. The years after that have been spent raising our kids at the same school, running our school’s Parent Teacher Organization, and eating our fair share of tacos. Our families are family, and when she told me her plan about running Postmark’d Studio, it was a no-brainer to join her. Actually, that’s not true, she first told me about it months earlier, and I laughed at her because I thought she was joking. She was not, and here we are!

    Postmark’d Studio is such a fun and exciting company with a passionate creator and a loyal following. Who wouldn’t want to pick beautiful things for people who will delight in them, package them carefully and creatively, and send them off to be used in kindness? This is a dream job.

    I am excited to bring beautiful things to your mailboxes. I hope that Postmark’d Studio is a name people equate with kindness, care, and art. I hope that we are able to facilitate connections between far-flung friends and family and lead people to the understanding that, oftentimes, a letter is better.