Anne Breck

Anne Breck of Postmark'd StudioG From S moment I stepped onto the sales floor of my first real job over 35 years ago, I’ve loved every part of retail. Whether creating window displays or buying products, I was committed to delivering an exceptional experience to each customer. I made a career out of showing people their needs matter. As a professional, wife, and mother, I’ve learned simple kindnesses make lasting impressions. When my children were young, I tucked handwritten notes into their lunches and left sweet surprises on the breakfast table to say I love you. These everyday, heartfelt expressions became the cornerstone of our family culture. The one time I forgot Valentine’s Day, the whole family was floored and even worried I was ill. I wasn’t—I just forgot! I taught my children thank-you notes are never optional and in-person thank-you’s don’t count. At the office, I was known for brightening the mood with a Post-it note or card on a colleague’s desk when they were having a rough day. My husband and I still leave notes of love for each other after nearly four decades of blissful marriage.

I believe these seemingly small gestures really can change the world.

Postmark'd Studio LogoWhen was the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail? For most, it’s been far too long. I’m on a mission to revive letter-writing as an avenue for meaningful human connection. Somewhere in your house, I know you have a drawer where you’ve collected cards, notes, and letters from loved ones over the years. All you have to do is thumb through the stack to be reminded of the warmth, love, and attention that came with them. More than any text, email, or instant message, these precious mementos are the ones that stand the test of time—the ones that really matter. Making an effort to practice simple kindness will never go out of style, and Postmark’d Studio makes it easy to show you care. Each subscription comes with a monthly delivery of handcrafted artisanal cards, postcards, or stationery made with heart by creators around the globe. All are crafted, curated, and packaged thematically with the creative finds you’ll use to show you care. Postmark’d Studio provides a beautiful, simple way to connect with the ones you love. I believe one small gesture makes all the difference.

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