A Letter is Better.

A Letter is Better.

Everyone loves mail. It’s just a universal truth. 

When Allison and I told our friends and family that we planned to run a stationery business, we were met with a few confused looks. 


You bet like cards. Because we wholeheartedly believe that a letter is always better.

Humans crave to be seen, understood, and thought of. But, oftentimes, physical obstacles like distance or daily barriers like raising a family or going to work keep us from making those connections. How often do we pass by each other with a wave or a nod without really connecting?  These fleeting moments are not enough for our hearts. 


We are proposing something different. 

Putting your heart into words and writing it down, packaging it in something beautiful that you’ve chosen for someone special, and sending it to him or her to receive  when they least expect it - is a tremendous act of love.

But why not just send a text or an email?

Because the act of writing and wrapping it in beauty is part of the act of kindness. Beautiful things show people you care about them. Flowers, eye-catching wrapping paper, carefully tied bows; the way we present our sentiments is nearly always cloaked in beauty. Why shouldn’t we place our words within a work of art?

Our world is busy.

We miss the art around us. 

Beautiful things are all around, and we walk right by.

We wanted a way to bring art into your hands. We want you to possess the beauty we often miss in your hands, and we want to honor the people whose passion it is to create. We want to celebrate what they do to color our everyday.

What if we could elevate something basic, like correspondence. 

What if we could take it from a task or a chore and make it an intentional act of love and kindness? 

What if we could record how people made us feel about them?

What if letters weren’t just paper?

What if they were lifelines, embraces, and celebrations?

A letter is always and ever better.

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