"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box
"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box
"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box
"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box
"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box
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"Backyard BBQ" Special Delivery Box

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4 Greeting Cards, 1 Postcard Gift Set, 2 Gift Tags, 1 Artsy Doodad, and US Postage 

A Recipe for Summer Fun:
  • Friendship Like This Is Rare: A card for a pun-loving friend! Oh, the fun you will have asking them: do you want to “meat” up soon; do you still have a “beef” with me; or are the “steaks” too high?
    Oh Hi, New Orleans, LA.
  • Summer BBQ: Perfect for an opener: send an invite. Perfect for a closer: send a thank-you. Perfectly perfect for a handwritten note.
    Hartford Prints, Hartford, CT.
  • Franks A Lot: This little retro dog has a “make you smile” style. Imagine the smiles you’ spread by sending a thank-you for a thank-you!
    Violet Press and Paper, Longmont, CO.
  • Summer Grillin’: Honor a grill-master Dad, send kudos to a grad for a job well done, or wish someone a smoking birthday!
    Hazelmade, Kent, OH.
  • Let’s Catch Up: The postcard gift set includes 1 bar of rosemary-scented soap and a wood soap dish. *Soap ingredient list: http://bytoysoap.com/ingredients/.
    T.o.Y. [Thought of You] Soap, San Francisco, CA. 
  • Ant Gift Tags: It’s always nice to have gift-wrapping supplies at the ready! These adorable gift tags are the perfect accessory for a backyard barbecue host gift. 
    Lana’s Shop, Denver, CO. 
  • Artsy Doodad: Matchstick Notelet and Black Pigma Micron .08 Pen

Letter-Writing in Style: This Accessory Ships FREE!

Add our popular hand-sewn Wool Felt Envelopes for an extra bit of fun in your box.

Yes, Please!


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