Fill your Supply Box in September

Happy September, Posties! This month’s parcel is a celebration of all things stationer’s love - SUPPLIES! We hope this parcel reminds you of back to school shopping, the thrill of a box of new crayons, and the joy of a fresh set of sharpened pencils! Grab your favorite pen and start writing; your best letter writing pals are going to love these paper delights!

Text Less Write More
by Ink Meets Paper

We love the sentiment and the details in this postcard by Ink Meets Paper. Send a postcard to your favorite letter writer and assure them that their hand written notes matter! They’ll love the texture and design of this letterpress postcard! Creatives and makers at heart, Allison and Jamie Nadeau, the owners of INK MEETS PAPER, believe handwritten communication is one of the most authentic interactions you can share with someone. We couldn’t agree more!

Mixed Pencils
by Truth Papers

Enjoy this eclectic collection of red, white and blue pencils by Truth Papers! This card is sure to have you reaching for your favorite writing utensil to pen a note to someone special! We love the different lengths and types of pencils represented in this card and especially the darling pencil sharpener featured on this letterpress treasure! The Truth Papers team loves to craft whimsical and one of a kind illustrations on greeting cards and art prints. They hand feed their products through a 96 year old printing press as they help you spread love through paper!

My Favorite Color is You
by Belle and Union

Let someone know that they are your favorite with this fresh box of crayons by Belle and Union. Your recipient is sure to delight in the depth of this gorgeous piece! We love the script text and the detail of each crayon in the box! Belle and Union cards and prints are printed one page, one color at a time on antique printing presses. Each piece is a work of art all its own, to be treasured and shared.

Thanks for Helping me Hold it All Together
by Quick Brown Fox
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Send this card to say thank you to the person who is the super glue in your life. We all need a friend who helps us hold it together and this card celebrates those super heroes in our lives! This card is brimming with letterpress design details that have been lovingly crafted by designer Kate Murray, creator of Quick Brown Fox Letterpress. Based in Saugerties, New York, each card she designs is printed on late 19th Century and an early 20th century letterpress, and she contends there is no such thing as too much color!

Sharper Because of You
by Day One Paper Co.
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

We love the die cut pencil shape of this bright and cheery card! Say thank you to a teacher or mentor you know who has shared their knowledge and encouragement with this sweet card by Day One Paper Co. Day One Paper Co. is a creative stationery brand founded by two creatives and life-partners, Katharina & Verino, hailing from Croatia. They love life-inspired, heart made and whimsical-looking stationery that helps you celebrate magical moments and tiny victories.

Pencil Heart Sticker
by Dahlia Press
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

Kate and I both have this sticker on our computers and thought that all of our paper people friends would love to have one, too! If you love handwritten letters, you’re sure to love this whimsical sticker of a heart shaped pencil! Located in Seattle, Washington, Dahlia Press is a boutique design and letterpress studio founded in 2008. Using traditional letterpress printing methods combined with fresh and modern designs, they spread delight with every creation.

Recycle Stix Crayon - 8
by Crazy Crayons
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Delight in this fresh pack of crayons! We love the bright colors and hope that you have so much fun with envelope art, relief impressions, or just some good old fashioned, stress relieving coloring! We love Crazy Crayons and their mission of sustainability! The National Crayon Recycle Program started in 1993 by collecting local crayons. Now it is nationally known and accepts crayons daily from individuals, schools, restaurants and organizations across the country. All the products are 100% recycled, hand poured and packaged in plastic-free packaging.

Pencil Notepad
by E. Frances Paper
* Parcel Posh Only

This month’s posh gift is the perfect desk notepad by E. Frances Paper. This notepad has 150 luxuriously thick sheets. We love the whimsical lines that emulate the handwriting pages of our youth! E. Frances is a positive paper goods company that creates meaningful personal connections by expressing love, gratitude, and kindness. Their goal is to provide pure customer delight to everyone, age 1 to 101.

A Very Classic Pink Eraser
by Mr. Boddington’s Studio

Have this very classic pink eraser on hand for all of your ‘oops’ moments! We all make mistakes and with this great tool, no one has to know! In the reclaimed factory bones of Industry City in Brooklyn, you will find a team of talented artists, designers, illustrators, production specialists and biscuit nibblers at Mr. Boddington’s Studio. The team is led by Rebecca S. Ruebensaal who illustrates and designs much of the collection.


Card 1 - Use the Forever Stamp featuring Roy Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein was part of the pop art movement in the 1950s and 1960s.

Card 2 - Pair the 44 cent stamp featuring the Abstract Impressionist artists of the 1940’s and 1950s with the 22 cent paint stripes Love stamp.

Card 3 - Pair the 37 cent color block Love stamp with the 29 cent sunrise heart Love stamp.

Card 4 - Combine two of the 30 cent schoolhouse stamps with the 3.4 cent 1920s school bus stamp and the 3 cent Texas statehood stamp.

Card 5 - Combine the 39 cent quilt of Gee’s Bend with the 20 cent stick figure family stamp and the 7 cent stamp celebrating the Jupiter hot air balloon of 1859.

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