March 2024

Hello Posties! We hope that you’re beginning to think spring thoughts wherever this email finds you and, as winter has its last hoorah, this parcel will be a bright spot of cheer! As lovers of all things writing, we hope this month’s parcel will be just your type! Whether you’re a handwritten person or love to pull out the typewriter for a vintage look, this collection of cards will be perfect for sending letters this month!

You’re Just My Type
by Oblation Paper & Press

Let someone know they are “just your type” as you send love their way! Send this to a close friend, family member, or partner and let them know that they are special to you! We love the hot foil press of this card, the vintage look and feel, and the perfect details on each and every key! Our favorite feature is the way the typewriter wraps around the back of the card! Oblation founders and owners, Ron and Jennifer Rich, have been busy creating letterpress art since 1989. They create handmade paper from recycled remnants from the garment industry to use in their vintage cast iron presses in Portland, Oregon. Oblation is focused on sustainable business practices, including using soy ink, wind power, recycling and conservation in all that they do!

Typewriter Happy Birthday
by Smitten on Paper

We love the simple, chic design of this Happy Birthday card in rose gold that is suitable for almost anyone. Blank inside for your own message, the simple lines shine with this foil pressed creation.

Typewriter Notecard
by Iron Leaf Press

We love the vintage vibe with the modern color palette of this note card from Iron Leaf Press. The details on the typewriter are unmatched and the pop of blue is perfect! This blank note card works for any occasion. Iron Leaf Press owner, Danielle, houses seven vintage presses and has been creating modern letterpress art since 2011 in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

You Can Quote Me
by Fickle Hill Letterpress
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Send this vintage typewriter card for any occasion with your own quotable musings! We love the letterpress feel and shadow dimensions on the keys of this colorful typewriter from Fickle Hill! Fickle Hill Letterpress is a small design and letterpress shop located among the redwoods of Northern California, aiming for bright, often humorous images that will bring a smile to both sender and recipient.

You’ve Got the Keys to My Heart
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

We love this playful, typewriter card from ILOOTPAPERIE! Let someone know they are thought of with a card that evokes the ping of a typewriter return! Alice & Doris, bound by a love of paper goods, funny drawings, and a keen appreciation for puns, sisters Alice & Doris of ILOOTPAPERIE firmly believe in aiding and abetting others to steal hearts through their loot of cheeky, colorful musings. They currently work out of their cozy Pasadena apartment where pun-filled illustrations spring to life and there are many a late night spent hand packing their punny goods with care.

Flower Typewriter Enclosure Card
by Belle and Union

This month, all Postmark’d Studio subscribers will receive this bonus card as our gift to you! We love this petite enclosure card from our friend Meg at Belle and Union. Letterpressed to perfection, this black and white card is perfect to add to flowers, a gift, or as a stand alone when you just need to say a few words! Meg, owner and artist at Belle and Union, can be found running her antique letterpresses in her retail shop of the same name in San Antonio, Texas.

Typewriter Keys Washi Tape
by Willwa
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

This black and white, alphabet, typewriter key washi tape is perfect for sealing all of your cards! Willwa is a creative brand that specializes in designing patterns and illustrations for washi tape and stationery products. Willwa was founded in March 2017 by graphic and pattern designer Johanna Larsson and product designer Dean Nien-Fu Chen and is currently based in Huskvarna in beautiful Sweden.

Typewriter Sticky Note Dispenser
by Mustard
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Add this sticky note dispenser to your desk and always a note ready to go! We love that the sticky note is fed through the bar of the typewriter! We love that this useful tool also has such a fun design!

Typewriter Bangle Bracelet
by Dave the Bunny
* Parcel Posh Only

Add this accessory to any outfit to show your love of letters! We love this simple bangle with the typewriter impression charm to add to your arm for a little bit of letter love charm! Dave The Bunny is a family owned business in Vancouver, BC Canada. All of their charm bracelets and pendants use stainless steel chains for anyone with sensitive skin and carry thousands of unique and different products.


Card 1 - 33 cent Drive In Movies + 33 cent Pledge of Allegiance + 2 cent Locomotives 1870s

Card 2 - 20 cent America's Libraries + 33 cent Cat in the Hat + 15 cent Martin Luther King Jr.

Card 3 - 41 cent Celebrate + 25 cent Jack London + 2 cent Freedom to Speak Out

Card 4 - 50 cent Bicycle + 15 cent John Steinbeck + 3 cent Election Ballot

Card 5 - 60 cent Special Delivery + 6 cent Progress in Electronics + 3 cent Rough Riders

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