Kickin' It in February!

Happy February, Posties! While traditionally the month of love, we wanted to celebrate one of our great loves - sneakers! Whether you're a sneakerhead or just a casual tennis shoe wearer, we hope you’ll love ‘stepping’ into this parcel laced with bright and playful kicks! Check out these shoes and send some snail mail love to those you love, and maybe even a ‘sole’ mate!

Fire Soles Card
by Alice Louise Press

Remind someone to pursue their passion and ‘ignite the fire in their sole’ with this letterpress card from Alice-Louise Press. We love the details on this old school Converse style sneaker, complete with ombre flames! You can feel the heat off this sneak! Alice-Louise Press was launched in 2005 in owner Amy Lesniewicz’s garage. Amy now operates a retail storefront in historic Perrysburg, Ohio, where she designs and letterpresses all of their products on three Heidelberg Windmills affectionately named the “Iron Ladies.” If you find yourself in Perrysburg, check out the Iron Ladies in action at Alice-Louise Press!

Pumps and Chucks
by Big Wheel Press

We love the bright pink of this card and the letterpress detail on these lace up chucks! Allison (pumps) and Kate (chucks) are a pumps and chucks kind of pair, and we hope you’re other half will delight in this card as much as we do! We love creative Bill Muller at Big Wheel Press and his quirky and vintage designs!

Stuck on You
by Belle and Union

Let someone know how special they are with this “stuck on you” card from Belle and Union. We love how Meg designed this card to spin the nemesis of your sneakers (gum!) into a sweet sentiment! Meg’s greeting cards are works of art, printed on antique printing presses in her San Antonio retail store.

Congrats on Your New Home
by Smudge Ink
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Send someone a congratulations card to welcome them to their new home! We love the letterpress details on the welcome mat, the key sneaking out from under the mat, and of course, the sneakers! This is a great card to have on hand to celebrate the milestone of a new home with someone! Smudge Ink is a small team that loves snail mail, letterpress, and playful design. They are American made, woman-owned, and eco-conscious.

Never Sweat it
by Folkus
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

We love the line design of this card with the bright, primary colors! The sentiment of encouragement is perfect to let someone know they are not alone in a tough time. FOLKUS aims to create a sustainable future by amplifying Black folk and stories advancing environmental stewardship and equitable economic and social pathways.

Sneakers Washi Tape
by Girl of All Work
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

We love this bright washi tape with repeating sneaker design! Use it to decorate any piece of snail mail and immediately amp up the fun! Girl of All Work was founded in 2007 by California designer Dyna Kau. Then, a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design, she sought to create innovative office/lifestyle accessories that brought joy and whimsy to everyday tasks. The name of the studio—Girl of All Work—is inspired by the 19th century term for the house servant who did various tasks around the house. Girl of All Work offers a wide variety of page flags, washi tape, and other desktop accessories that add a bit of sparkle and personality to day-to-day tasks.

Sneaker Pouch
by Catherine Colbrook
* Parcel Posh Only

We love this bright sneaker pouch by artist Catherine Colbrook. Throw in your work bag or carry as a small clutch to add some pizzazz to your outfit, we know you’ll love this cotton pouch with waterproof lining! Catherine Colebrook was founded in 2006, by the same named artist at her kitchen table. She is passionate about using British manufacturers and then finishing her pieces by hand at their workshop in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Britain.

Geometric Colorful Shoe Laces
by Funkyrel® Atzbranding Limited
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Need to freshen up a great pair of sneaks? Add these fantastic geometric patterned shoe laces and step up your game! Funkyrel creates stylish, playful, handcrafted, colorful accessories. They aim to add a pop of funk to your everyday look!

Sneaker Pen
by BV by Bruno Visconti

Add this adorable black and neon sneaker pen to your desk for fun and frivolity! You’ll be ready to jot notes and to do’s in style!


Card 1 - 33 cent 3D Glasses, 33 cent Rocky Marciano, and 2 cent Navajo jewelry

Card 2 - 33 cent Youth Sports and 37 cent Olympic Games

Card 3 - 33 cent Saddle Shoe, 20 cent Physical Education, and 15 cent Seeing for Me

Card 4 - 33 cent Track, 32 cent Marathon, 3 cent Rough Riders

Card 5 - 22 cent Pan American Games and 44 cent Celebrate

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