June is glamorous!

Strike a pose, Posties! We are ready for our close up here in June! This month’s theme is “Glamour and Grit” and we couldn’t think of a better pair. Fierce, beautiful, fearless, and confident, this Parcel celebrates the glamour we all aspire to and the grit that we’ve all acquired in this rough and tumble world. June’s Parcel is the perfect touch of encouragement and positivity with a bit of sass and beauty on the side!

Eau de Responsibilite
by Friendly Fire Paper

The whimsical line design on this gorgeous letterpress card from Friendly Fire Paper is stunning. The phrase literally translates “putting on responsibility” and can be a congratulations for a new job, promotion, graduation, or any type of accomplishment. It could also simply be an encouragement to put your best foot forward! Friendly Fire Paper is an award-winning sister-owned letterpress stationery studio established in October 2016. Quality paper and printing are the foundation for their fun designs. Each product is designed, produced, packaged and shipped from their Connecticut studio.

War Paint
by Dahlia Press

This perfectly pressed card from Dahlia Press is ready to send for someone in need of encouragement with the reminder that sometimes the best weapon is a perfect red lip. Located in Seattle, Washington, Dahlia Press is a boutique design and letterpress studio founded in 2008. Using traditional letterpress printing methods combined with fresh and modern designs, they spread delight with every creation.

Happy Birthday
by Good JuJu

We love the sentiment on this gorgeous, gold and pink letterpress birthday card! Celebrate the best of someone you love and who they already are on their birthday with this declarative card from Good JuJu! As a kid, Juliana (aka "Juju") liked to make pretty things. And connect with people. And make people laugh. Fast-forward to 2014. Hearkening to her childhood desires, Juju created Good Juju Ink, a high-end stationery business based on her timeless illustrative style, a strong belief in the power of the handwritten note, and a commitment to delighting people with wildly delightful products. Pretty things. Connecting with people. Laughter. Juju’s products espouse a sense of childlike wonder in each of their recipients and promote positivity in a world that all too often seems to promote the opposite. Good Juju Ink is devoted to spreading good juju. One illustration at a time.

Kiss Note
by Missive
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Send this letterpress ‘kiss’ to let someone know you love them or as a cheery greeting to a friend. With plenty of blank space, this card from Missive is perfect for any note! Missive creates stylish letterpress stationery for the modern paper lover. Founded by California designer Lisa Willis, Missive has evolved into a stationery and gift brand focused on crafting unique, high quality paper goods that you’ll be delighted to send and receive. They print on sustainable and earth-friendly FSC certified and reclaimed cotton papers in our solar-powered studio and source print materials from local suppliers whenever possible.

Dress Better
by Big Wheel Press
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

Anna Wintour, female mogul, fashion icon, and longtime editor of Vogue knows that sometimes, all you need is the perfect outfit to inspire the confidence you need to succeed! We love the simple black and white letterpress of this card on the shimmering paper by Big Wheel Press! Send this note of encouragement to remind someone they already have what it takes to thrive! Big Wheel Press was founded by Bill Muller in 2006. Its name comes from the first press Bill owned - a Pearl #14 with a large cast iron flywheel. Big Wheel Press continues to use traditional letterpress techniques to craft quirky cards with a vintage flair.

Glass half full kinda girl
by 2021 Co.
* Parcel Posh and Parcel Premium Only

Our friends at 2021 Co. have created a sticker to remind us all to keep those chins up! Add this to your favorite water bottle or mug to remind yourself to be the glass ½ full kind of girl you want to be! We cheers the feminine design and whimsical text that evokes the feelings of a pint with your girlfriends on a sunny day. Established in 2018, 2021 Co. is a stationery company created by best friends, Emily King + Nicole Couto. Together they collaborate to make one-of-a-kind encouraging, uplifting (and fun!) greeting cards with the mission of making the world a little better place, one card at a time. Although their goal was to start in the year 2021, which is when our children were in school and life would be “easier," they just couldn’t wait. They are New England girls, born and raised, and have a studio mill space in Fall River, Massachusetts.

All the Ways to Say
by Card Holder
* Parcel Posh, Parcel Premium, and Parcel Only

Add this card holder to your purse or work bag and fill it with mini stationery (our personal favorite being E. Frances Little notes), your business cards, gift cards you need to use, or as a small grab and go wallet! You’ll always be ready to leave a stylish little note, have cards within reach, or be able slide your necessities into belt bags on the go. We love the stylish PU leather with the black and white motif. All the ways to Say is a specialized paper goods brand based in France, founded in 2015 by Claire Leina, an illustrator, art director, and young mum. She’s helped by her husband Jean-Charles, who manages the development of the company, and their little daughter, Tess, who is charged to laugh and give them hugs when they need it.

Minimergency Kit
by Pinch Provisions
* Parcel Posh Only

Personally, this Minimergency Kit has saved Allison and Kate on many occasions, and we wanted each of our posh subscribers to have one on hand for the ‘minimergencies’ you might experience in the day to day. Small enough to easily fit in a purse, work bag or backpack, or tuck in your car console, this Minimergency kit is packed full with everyday essentials that just might save you in a pinch. Plus, the velvet scarf bag has an air of glamour for the diva in all of us! Pinch Provisions, a leading purveyor of premium emergency kits and essentials, is a women-owned and operated brand, The company was founded in 2004 by a mother and her two daughters after a D.I.Y. kit-turned birthday-present highlighted the need for design-led kits in the marketplace. Since then, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of personal care, crafting innovative emergency kits that redefine what it means to be prepared. Filled to the brim with premium essentials, they don't skimp on what goes inside.


Card 1: Red Shoe 32 cent + I Love Lucy 33 cent + Susan B. Anthony 3 cent -

Card 2: Title IX -

Card 3: Oscar de le Renta -

Card 4: Nancy Reagan -

Card 5: Love Rose 25 cent (2) + Pink Floral 18 cent -

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