Year of the Postbox

Post Office Mailboxesc Yes, it is the Year of the Pig. However, at Postmark’d Studio, we decided to follow in the footsteps of the Letter Writers Alliance and make it the Year of the Postbox!

Did you know that to keep a USPS blue mailbox in active duty, it must receive 25 pieces of mail a day? (Even I don’t normally send 25 pieces of mail in a day!)

So here is the challenge: Pick your favorite big blue mailbox and adopt it! Send your letters from it every day, every week, every month throughout the year. Take photos in front of it and next to it, and, most importantly, feed it! Post your photos on social media using the tag #2019yearofthepostbox. Visit it often, and let’s keep our favorite mailboxes alive and well!

As you are feeding your favorite mailbox throughout the year, we would love your help with another component of the Year of the Postbox. Postmark’d Studio will be creating a series of mailbox postcards with a new postcard each month. We love photos of interesting, unique mailboxes. Send us your favorite photos of mailboxes you discover along your journeys throughout the year and be a part of putting together an amazing collection of mailbox postcards in 2019. Send your pictures to

Let me know what you think of January’s postcard.

Flowerbed BicycleWe know you are thinking, How can I get one (or two)? These special edition postcards will be available on our website, and we will also include them in our subscriber’s PostBoxes. The first postcard of 2019 will be in the March PostBoxes, so make sure you subscribe in time! (Sometimes good ideas come a little late :-)

Long live snail mail!


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