Recycle-Upcycle: Envelope Liners

& I’m not sure if Recycling Day triggered this post, but recycling-upcycling has been on my mind today. As a lover of paper, almost my favorite part of gift-giving is the wrapping: picking out the perfect paper and making sure it coordinates with the gift itself. Just ask my one and only how much he enjoys shopping with me for wrapping paper. I think he would almost rather do anything else! How many of us had a grandmother, aunt, or mom who admired the beautiful wrapping on a gift, carefully unwrapped it, and saved it? I have fond memories of my grandmother carefully unwrapping her gift and then carefully folding the paper—or even asking us to carefully unwrap our gifts so she could save the paper. Envelope lining is a perfect way to recycle-upcycle those beautiful bits and pieces of favorite wrapping paper, whether you bought it yourself or received it on a special gift. It is so easy to do, and what a perfect way to wrap the gift of a handwritten note!

Envelope Liners, Step 1

1) Use the envelope to trace on the backside of the liner paper of your choice. You can find plenty of sites where you can download free templates.

Envelope Liners, Step 2

2) Cut the liner.

Envelope Liners, Step 3

3) Trim the sides 1/8", and trim the bottom the width of the glue band on the flap (the envelope flap used in the photo has a 3/8" glue band).

Envelope Liners, Step 4

4) Insert the liner into the envelope and crease the flap.

Envelope Liners, Step 5

5) Place a small strip of double-sided tape at either edge of the liner.

Envelope Liners, Step 6

6) Secure to the envelope.

Envelope Liners, Step 7

Envelope liners can be made from almost any paper: scrapbooking paper, wallpaper, book pages, and maps—anything printed that you don’t mind cutting up! Hint: If you use a textured paper to line your envelope, be sure to address the envelope before inserting the liner into the envelope. Have fun and get creative!


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