Happy New Year, 2018!

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: To Resolve or Not to Resolve? I am usually in the Not Resolve camp, but this year, I am going to change my ways and move over to the To Resolve camp.

New Year’s resolutions always seem trivial, whether we plan to stop doing something (like eating more than we should) or start doing something (like exercising—alas, I need to do both!), but this year, I want to focus on learning a new skill. I am enamored with the art of hand-lettering. I am committing right here and now to make time each week to practice and refine my skill.

Cursive writing has always been a part of me. Penmanship was one of my favorite subjects in elementary school. As I was learning cursive, I loved how the swirls and curves the pencil made on the specially lined paper created beautiful, flowing words. I always wanted a name with an “i” or a “y” as I dreamed of the flourishes I would add to the dot and curve. Cursive writing is my signature. My one and only has always said my handwriting looks like it is straight out of the cursive primer—in other words, I write like a fourth-grader!

There are so many schools of thought and resources available, it is hard to know where to start. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to hand-lettering. Now it’s time to move from dreaming to doing. I have read many articles about learning the art of hand-lettering. I think I will start with some simple practice sheets I found here, a sketchbook, and a package of Crayola markers. I love the idea of learning a new skill with only a small investment (if I tallied up all the projects over the years that I’ve started and not finished … ugh!).

Follow along, and I will post my progress throughout the year!

What camp will you be in? If you are in the To Resolve, what will you do?

Wishing you the best in 2018,


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