Falling in Love with Snail Mail


e If you are anything like me, you find yourself wondering, Where has time gone?! The days of summer are quickly waning, and now we are waxing into my favorite season, autumn. I love everything about fall—especially all that is happening postally!

Thinking of You Week

Thinking of You Week is an international movement to celebrate the joy of sending and receiving handwritten notes and greeting cards. From September 23 to 29, you can help create a wave of happiness across the globe by letting people know they are in your thoughts. The goal is to send a card each day. Challenge yourself to send your cards as unexpected surprises to unexpecting recipients!

Below, I share the story of Niki Malek of hey lux, located in Atlanta, GA. Her XO project is a passion project uniting modern calligraphy, offline human connection, and the joys of receiving unexpected personal mail.

Niki writes:

hey luxI have fond memories of mailing heavily decorated and doodled notes to my friends during summer break, scrawling out life updates to stay in touch with out-of-state relatives, and scouring gift shops for postcards to post during travels. The feeling of excitement to receive tangible proof that someone took time and care to sit, put pen to paper, procure a stamp, and mail out something solely for you is what I am attempting to recreate with the XO project. It might be easier to type out a text or draft an email and it certainly is much quicker, but you can’t tuck a digital message into your notebook to revisit years later.

To participate in the XO project, visit heylux.co/the-xo-project to complete the XO note form. Once your message and address information are submitted, your part is completed, and my part begins! Your message gets calligraphed onto a hand-embossed XO foldover note, and an envelope is carefully addressed, stamped, and sealed. Ta-da! Your XO note is ready for mailing! Now we wait for delivery. Selfishly, one of the best parts of the XO project is hearing the response senders receive once their note makes it into the hands of their recipient. Amidst all the junk and bills that crowd a mailbox, it’s enabling that moment of joy and feeling cared about that makes this project so important to human connection.

Whether you send the cards yourself or solicit a little help from hey lux, participating in Thinking of You Week is all about the personal touch! Reach out to someone in an unexpected, special way—snail-mail style!

150 Years of Postcards

Mark your calendars! October 1, 2019, is the 150th anniversary of the postcard. Here are just a couple ideas to join the celebration.

Send an unexpected postcard to someone. We are celebrating #150yearsofpostcards with a limited edition set of six letterpressed Snail-Mail Rainbow Postcards. The set is $15, and shipping is FREE!

Snail-Mail Rainbow Postcards from Postmark'd Studio

Our friends at Postcrossing are collecting postcards with your messages of why you love sending and/or receiving postcards in the mail. The best postcards they receive will be displayed at an upcoming exhibition at the Universal Postal Union headquarters.

P.S. There are prizes for the most creative postcards and most touching messages received.

I have been busy creating some fun ephemera postcards that are going to be part of the “Octo-BEAR” PostBox. Here’s a sneak peek at one I sent to Postcrossing to share my message of why I love sending postcards.

Octo-BEAR Postmark'd Studio PostBox

“At Postmark’d Studio, a stationery subscription box company, we love postcards so much we include one in every PostBox we send out. Postcards are snapshots of your life. Little pieces of art that bring a smile. Whether you are sharing a moment from a beloved vacation, a message of hope, or just a quick hello, these cards can be tucked away and looked at over and over again—something you can’t do with a text or an email.”

There is still plenty of time to send your message of postcard love to Postcrossing!

Enjoy the fall and all the fun postal activities. I hope this autumn season finds you falling deeper in love with sending snail mail!


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