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p Do you know why I always include a postcard or two in our PostBox every month?

Postmark'd Studio Box of PostcardsI love postcards! In the midst of our current downsizing move, I came across my postcard collection from when I was young. I actually thought it had been tossed in a previous move. What a blast it was to reminisce and read through them again. There were postcards from my parents, grandparents, siblings, and now-lost pen pals.

Raise your hand if you collected postcards when you were young! Raise your other hand if you still tuck them away!! And stand up tall if you still send a postcard or two when you are traveling!!!

I am an avid fan of the Postcrossing project, which Paulo Magalhaes founded in 2005 as a side project while he was a student in Portugal. Paulo loves to receive mail—postcards in particular—from friends, family, or anyone in the world. He knew others did, too, but there was no easy way to connect. That’s when he hatched the idea of an online platform.

The goal of this project is to connect people across the world through postcards, independent of country, age, gender, race, or beliefs. The idea is simple: for each postcard you send, you receive one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.

Enjoy the journey of meeting new people through the magic of postcards!

Let’s make March Postcard Month! Can you send 5, 10, or even 30 postcards?

Happy mailing,


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Snail-Mail Revolution

Did you know that just one year ago I was in the infancy stages of developing Postmark’d Studio and the snail-mail revolution? The journey has been surreal—a dream come true! My goal for 2018 is to reach subscribers in every state!

The March PostBox will ship to 21 states! Only 29 more to go! Yay!

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We so appreciate your support in getting us to our goal in 2018! Spread the word about our funky, fun little snail-mail company with all the paper-lovers you know!

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  1. I love to listen to podcasts in my car and recently I’ve been listening to Guy Roz on the TED Radio Hour – the episode entitled, “Slowing Down” is all about the benefits of slowing our pace and taking time. It even has a section on how procrastination actually improves creativity! The final story of the hour is about a woman who rediscovered the joy of handwritten letters…..I think you’ll find her story moving. She should definitely receive a hello from “Postmark’d Studio!” In fact, there might be a place on the NPR podcast site to post a comment that includes your name and Biz!!! xoxox!!!

  2. Hello there! I have been writing letters for 52 years,. My best friend Karen moved away when I was in 5th grade. We write back and forth all through school and to this day! She now lives very far away and her and her other half both have health issues, so the past many several years,I am the one that still writes to her,almost every special holiday and for many years. I wrote once a week.She is my best friend for life.

    When I was married and lived in a car away state,and other places I lived, I wrote to her once a week because I loved her and missed her. I am a natural born writer.

    I have always wanted to start my own neighborhood newspaper.

    When 2 of my young children were living very far away from me part time, I wrote to them 3 times a week……each.
    My daughter saved all her letters and cards. I still have them. I also bought kids trading cards, like sports cards, tv shows cards. The only kind of trading cards you. Can buy now are about computer games. I am always on the lookout for. Flat things to mail in an envelope.

    I have 5 grand children who live very far from me that I send letters, cards, postcards, and. Golden Books that I collect. I always make a point to put a nameplate in the front of the book,and put their name, the date,and my full Grannys name, so that when they grow up,provided their parents save it all, like they said they would they will know they had a grandmother who even though she never got to see them. That they will know how much I loved them. That I cared enough to take lots of time to send them their very own mail. Kids really do love mail.

    Here is a list of things flat enough to mail in an envelope.

    Small, gum, rubberbands, so they can make a rubber band ball,trading cards of any kind young kids like to carry them around with them,small inspirational cards.clippings from newspapers or magazines, paper pieces to make a collage, bookmarks,old or new postcards, I love postcards, I don,t travel so I get to see the world through postcards. I also include one or two or more in every letter I wrote to anyone, they can send it to someone or add to their own postcard collection. Small or tiny envelopes,stationery sheets or gold a letters, they were a 70,s and 80,s thing, recipes, crossword puzzles and audio games from newspapers, puzzles small or the kind that’s a puzzle card.
    None of the things I listed are expensive.
    Make any Goodwill, charity thrift store, and dollar tree stores your best friends!!!! Also old postage stamps and most of all I send kids stickers, and I decorate all of my envelopes. I want my mail to someone to be A happening!!!!! For real. I always hope I make someone’s day a little happier after receiving mail from me.

    I must stop for now or I would never stop. Anyone want to write to me? Or swap paper things? Go to And write in. Sadism my name on this most fun and wonderful site.

    Peace Out!!!!! Google’s for now from the. Not spreader. Paula. Take Care and give your smiles and voice freely.

    They are free to give and recieve.Cheerio!!! Ciao!!!!

    • Of. The last line was supposed to read. joy Spreader

      Also my post crossing acct is sadiebk.
      My mother is the one I said I wrote a letter a week when I lived far away. She has saved them all by accident and I found them I cleaned out her house,because of down sizing.

      Most of all save the cards and letters to save for the next generation, so they can get to know you as a person and not a flat person in old photos..

      It,s not clutter!! It is your own family history that you will be preserving. Tootles!!

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