Product Reviews

October 2017 PostBox: PINK

Postmark'd Studio PINK Special Delivery Box

Hello Subscription

I love my PostBox subscription! Just seeing the box in my mailbox makes me smile because I know everything has been lovingly curated to be cute, fun, and perfect to share the joy of snail mail and letters to others.—Catherine

Girl Meets Box

This month’s Postmark’d Studio PostBox was just perfect! I swear they keep getting better and better each month! I am so in love with this subscription box and appreciate everything that goes into making them!—Lisa

A Year of Boxes

PostBox is gorgeous and fun from beginning to end. I honestly can’t express in words how much I love and appreciate this subscription. You just need to experience it for yourself … period.—Sarah

September 2017 PostBox: Old School

Postmark'd Studio Old School Special Delivery Box

The Northern Prep

I loved this month’s box “Old School,” the old-fashioned retro is just up my alley!—Rachel Irodenko

The Box Reviewers

What a fun theme and everything is so cute and functional! Can’t wait to get writing.—Christina Nelson

A Year of Boxes

Postmark’d Studio did it again. They put together an amazing box. I really can’t get over how wonderful PostBox is. It’s the perfect subscription box for any stationery lover.—Sarah

Girl Meets Box

This is the box you need to get if you’re into stationery!—Lisa

August 2017 PostBox: Farmers Market

Postmark'd Studio Farmers Market Special Delivery Box

2 Little Rosebuds

I absolutely loved this month’s “Farmer’s Market” theme and anything involving vegetables (especially carrots) is always going to be a hit in my house.—Wendy

See, Shop, Love!

I’m impressed by the high quality, beautiful cards, and postcards in the PostBox from Postmark’d Studio! I especially love the Found Image Press postcards.—Danielle

A Year of Boxes

Oh my goodness! How amazing is this box! I almost can’t find the words to describe how perfect this box is. Right now Postmark’d Studio is at the top of my stationery subscription list … the very top!—Sarah

Subscription Box Obsessed

This [Farmer’s Market] box is well thought out and on theme.—Ashley

Pretty Darn Girly

I am beyond impressed by the curation of this subscription!—Kirby

July 2017 PostBox: Whaley Fun Cards

See, Shop, Love!

Postmark'd Studio Whaley Fun Cards BoxI am in love with PostBox! I think this box is very well curated and features absolutely beautiful cards and stationery. The inaugural shipment was perfect for me and I adored all of the whale designs. I think PostBox from Postmark’d Studio is an excellent subscription for anyone who loves stationery and handmade cards!—Danielle

2 Little Rosebuds

I was really impressed with all of the fun whale-themed cards in July’s PostBox. Also, I’m a sucker for a good pun. 😉 I really appreciate that they include postage for mailing the cards too! Overall, a fun subscription for fans of unique stationery.—Wendy Rose

A Year of Boxes

I’m really impressed with this box! For their first one out of the gate it really is top notch. Solid theme, high quality items, fun bonus details and packaged beautifully. I love the highlighting of smaller artisans and businesses as well as the inclusion of their own postcard to the mix.… What really sends this box over the top is the inclusion of stamps for your cards!… I’m simply in love with Postmark’d!—Shonah

Boxes for Days

They chose a great theme (I mean, come on… who doesn’t love whales? Especially whales in top hats???) and all of the cards they included were so amazing. I loved seeing the different styles and I think it’s great that they’re supporting these independent artists by sharing their work with us! And I also really appreciated the fact that there were stamps included too. 🙂—Shonah
Thank you, Postmark’d, for including beautiful stamps, pens, and stickers to make the writing process even more colorful. I also love the soft felt envelope that ties up with a string to hold all the goodies … it feels like opening a gift every morning.—Katie R.

Customer Raves

My first box is wonderful!!—Delores A.
The October box was amazing! Loved the book and such a beautiful selection of cards. Looking forward to renewing my subscription for another three months.—Kris A.
This was my second box and I love it! The curation and variety of cards has been great.—Kristin S.
Heck Yeah Card!I love the packaging of your kit! From the moment of holding that felt pouch in my hands and then opening that pouch and seeing the presentation inside. The selection of cards and postage stamps are great! I like to sit at cafes and write out cards, and now I have a great way to carry them with me!—Tina L.
Great service and creativity. Who knew writing could be so much fun.—Tom C.
I just received my first box. Everything is amazing! I love it!—Kristin S.
Couple things, per my FABULOUS Postmark’d Studio Kit; Love, love, love the sewn felt pack; will begin to take that traveling with me. Love the pens! Colored, fun, ink. Branded pencils— what’s not to love!!! Stamps–great idea. Assortment makes the letter-writing mind happy to decide who to send them to!—Ginger J.