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Notes from S National Stationery Show: New York City

Once-a-Year Experience

Smith-Corona Typewriter with Postmark'd Studio Envelope and Postmark'd Studio Box on Art Books in BackgroundÏ As a first-time attendee, I put my super-organizer hat on and prepared as best I could prior to departing for the show. I reviewed the list of 800+ exhibitors and narrowed it down to a manageable list of 161 exhibits to visit over three days.

When I did the math, I quickly realized this was going to be impossible. I would have had to visit 53.6 vendors each day, which equated to spending approximately 8.5 minutes per vendor with no lunch, no breaks.

Plan B: Slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy the show!

My absurd planning paid off. I left NYC with precisely what I wanted—making connections with vendors, seeing a colossal assortment of greeting cards and lifestyle gifts, and gleaning so much inspiration. I cannot wait to present you with the best of best in your subscription box every month, delivered to your door.

Bonus: A balance of six cents on my Metro card—no better planning than that!

Memorable Highlight

Sponsored by the Greeting Card Association, the 28th annual Louie Awards—the stationery biz equivalent to the Oscars, Grammys, and Academy Awards all rolled together—are a big part of the show. This year’s theme, A Universe of Wonders, celebrated the brightest stars in the stationery industry. As many as 230 companies submitted entries spanning 61 categories.

News Flash: A “Blue Ribbon” Special Delivery Box may well be in the works!

Check out some of their amazing cards here.

Open Postmark'd Studio Box with Stacked Boxes in Background

Education @ the NSS

I learned about resources from a color expert so I can ensure every Postmark’d Studio box you receive is on trend or even ahead of the curve. What a joy it was to be in the same room at the same time with an extraordinary panel of top women retailers and makers sharing their heartfelt stories. This experience gave everyone in the room a renewed confidence, whether they had been in the business for six months or three decades.

Report Card: Learning never gets old or goes out of style!

I’m Already Thinking About Next Year’s Show

The NSS is considered the prettiest trade show, and I concur. As I walked the aisles of the show, I was energized by the community of warm and welcoming vendors and attendees. The creativity evident in the products and the beautiful displays awash in color were inspiring and almost overwhelming. It was hard not to get distracted by the abundance of “shiny objects” at every turn.

To-Do: Block calendar May 20–23, 2018

5 Steps to a Letter-Writing Habit

M We probably all start our days with a must-do list of mundane tasks rather than a cannot-wait to-do list of passionate pleasures. What if we could get into a habit of letter-writing that falls onto our cannot-wait list?

Here are a few hints to help make letter-writing your superpower!

1) Make It Easy

Keep your cards, pens, and stamps on hand. Keep them together where you are most likely to write. Carry a few cards with you, so if the moment strikes, you can write a note!

Postmark'd Studio Bag, Envelope, Pencils, Stamps, and Candy

2) Start Small

Don’t let the word “letter” overwhelm you. Letters do not have to be pages long. Use a beautiful postcard, write what you would convey in a text, send a favorite quote, or use a fun pun like, “We should ‘stick’ together!”

Cactus Card and Cactus

3) Hone in to Holidays

Birthdays happen every month. Inspire yourself during the month of May to send birthday wishes via snail mail to your friends and family instead of on social media. Think of it as sending a special heartfelt gift!

Happy Birthday Cards and Candles

4) Do It Your Way

When and where you write is up to you! Do you like to write before you start your hectic day, or would you rather pause mid-day and recharge with a 10-minute letter-writing break—or on the go in a coffee shop?

Anne Breck Writing Card

5) Make It Fun

What makes you look forward to mailing your note? Knowing you have chosen a beautiful or funny handcrafted card, sharing moments of your days, or turning the envelope into a work of art? Any one of these will make the receiver smile. That’s the power of a personal note.

Pink and Purple Envelopes with Garden Illustrations

Postmark'd Studio Logo

Letter-Writing Challenge

We had April’s Letter-Writing Challenge—30 letters in 30 days—to get some good habits started. If you participated, I am sure you are on your way to creating a strong letter-writing habit. If you haven’t started your journey yet, it’s not too late to discover your superpower!

Share your letter-writing superpower with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the tag #letterwritingismysuperpower.